Writing update

I’m busy moving and working on The First Cat, so I probably won’t be able to get back to Sunday morning volcanoes and the Reconstruction until some time in October. A future note As far as this blog goes, I… Read More ›

Writing update

I’m doing some Listverse work and am up to my neck in research for the “first cat” book. After tomorrow’s volcano post, I’ll probably not be posting for a few weeks. Be patient, and check back every now and then…. Read More ›

Writing update

Just a note to say that the Sunday Morning Volcano and Civil War/Reconstruction posts are going to be sporadic for the next few weeks. Other writing projects have picked up again, and I also have some personal stuff going on… Read More ›

Writing Update

Some good news! Knowledge Nuts published my short “Diamonds Are Mostly Forever” nugget at the end of last week. Whee! Their parent website, Listverse, has just scheduled a longer article of mine called “10 Misconceptions About the Modern Earth.” It’s… Read More ›


There are just a couple of odds and ends today. Flight to Wonder Yesterday I made the first new post in quite a while at my science-writing blog Flight To Wonder. I’ve now reorganized the front page here a bit… Read More ›