New Year’s Day

“Happy New Year!” Emma whispered. “A toast to 2049!”  Marius said it quite loudly as raised his right hand. Emma giggled and gave him a high-five as each of the two conspirators took a tiny sip of home brew through… Read More ›

Schedule note

We’ve got overtime on the day job this weekend. That means the Sunday volcano post won’t be out until the afternoon. I just couldn’t get it done and scheduled as early as usual. Ordinarily this would also move the Civil… Read More ›

Schedule note

Work, the holiday spirit (i.e., feeling pretty laid back), and a bunch of errands and chores have undermined my writing ethic. However, I don’t want to let you all down, so there will be posts each day – until Friday,… Read More ›


Just a quick request – could you let me know in the comments, if you’re seeing ads? I’ve purchased the No Ads Upgrade, and there should be none. However, on my end, I’m seeing ad notifications. I just need confirmation… Read More ›