Thursday Lit

“Do It Again”

Between General Grant and Shostakovich, it has been an intense week thus far. This is no time for Chesterton’s nightmare (The Man Who Was Thursday). Instead, let’s look at Chesterton’s joy. I have found two videos inspired by one of… Read More ›

Caught in the Nightmare

Well, that sounds rather grim. Actually, I’m caught up once again in the plot of a very well-written, mind-blowing book. You need to know that somebody was writing stuff like this back in 1908:   That’s from The Man Who… Read More ›

The Three Musketeers

You need to read this book. The movies are so weak in comparison, even the Douglas Fairbanks version. Alexandre Dumas isn’t limited by the two dimensions of the silver screen. He shows us a very real, harsh world in 4D… Read More ›