Sunday morning volcano

Fuego and Acatenango

There are two frequently active volcanoes in Latin America called Fuego (“fire,” in Spanish). English-speakers tend to refer to the one in Mexico simply as Colima, but Spanish-speakers also call it Volcán de Fuego, or just Fuego. Today we’re going… Read More ›

The Volcanoes at Atitlán

Alexander von Humboldt called Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán “the most beautiful lake in the world,” and it’s difficult to disagree with him.     As you might have guessed, some of the pointy mountains are volcanoes, but so is the lake…. Read More ›

Boqueron/San Salvador

We looked at Ilopango Caldera last time, but experts say that another nearby fire mountain – the explosive San Salvador volcanic complex in El Salvador’s capital city – is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Central America. Many people… Read More ›


Meet a volcano that possibly messed up two empires – Roman and Mayan – very seriously:     Many centuries ago, but during the Christian era, Ilopango had a high-end VEI 6 eruption, tens of times more powerful than the… Read More ›

Concepción Volcano, Nicaragua

You could call this a guest tweet:   Volcano on an island in a lake full of sharks. Concepcion, Nicaragua. — Ian Saginor (@volcanoclast) July 23, 2015   Whenever a geologist says something like that, I always wonder about… Read More ›