Friday’s Casual Cat

More Kittens!

This man in India is saving kittens in a flood! (Image source in post)   “@gaiapicture: Man saves Kittens in India flood.”@chematierra @EsMundoAnimal @DankroftK9 — hectorperezrivero (@hperezrivero) November 28, 2014

Sad Cat Diary

This is a hilarious video by Ze Frank, the EVP (executive vice president?) of Buzzfeed. You’ll have to click through, though. I haven’t figured out yet how to make an image live on this blog (it works fine on Flight… Read More ›

Thermal cat

Rudiger Escobar Wolf was apparently testing his thermal camera equipment when he took this footage. I have no idea who he is but suspect he works in geoscience – who else would take a LIDAR selfie? Came across this fire… Read More ›

Big Cat Rescue Videos

Just a few videos on a Friday while I work on the Sunday Morning Volcano and Monday’s Civil War post (yay!). Some of them have built-in ads for BCR, but I guess that’s okay (disclosure: I’m not associated with them… Read More ›

Stupid Cat

This XKCD post is actually about nuclear bombs, until a cat walks on the keyboard…   and wipes out the dinosaurs. Seriously. I found it via a Scientific American post about Pacific Rim science. The Internet is Awesome!