I haven’t done a cooking post for a while and wanted to share my experiment in cornmeal breads this morning (I’ve taken it easy this weekend and didn’t preschedule the Civil War post – it will be out today, some… Read More ›

How to make mud coffee

Before getting into the next Civil War Anniversary post (hopefully, tomorrow – have been fighting a cold), a cooking post seems in order. Mud coffee isn’t just a cup of java you enjoy along with a piece of delicious Mississippi… Read More ›

Random thoughts

Rest in piece, sourdough starter.   Sigh.  I had to flush it down the sink today because it got colonized.  With the oven on the fritz lately, I hadn’t been using it very much, just leaving it in the fridge for… Read More ›

Sourdough pita bread

The hot weather has eased off a bit, and I’m bringing the starter out of its long-term stint in the refrigerator. I know refrigerated starters are supposed to just quietly go dormant and sleep, and that they are more sensitive… Read More ›

Update – cooking

The sourdough starter has been going along really well, better than before. I think it takes a couple months for a rehydrated starter to really establish itself. We have had our first hot spell and I did refrigerate the starter… Read More ›