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After getting an associate's degree in forestry I studied geology as an undergraduate. Since I couldn't "get" geochemistry, I went into medical transcription instead. That was a fine career for a quarter of a century, but now I have retired and am building a freelance science writing career.

I ran into a block here, feeling that Flight To Wonder wasn't going anywhere, and I started working on a book about cat evolution using the pen name Robin Huntingdon, from my favorite Douglas Fairbanks movie. That was quite a struggle, but it's coming along well and I expect to self-publish it before winter's end (in 2018).

I have been practicing this writing at my Robin Huntingdon and
50 Facts About Cats blogs.

After a long time, I checked back in at Flight To Wonder and was amazed to see its popularity soaring. I have decided to carry on here, since so many people are already aware of the site, and will add a "50 Facts" page for the book-related topics, as well as occasional volcanism and other geology-related posts.

Thanks for your interest!