Sad news and glad news

I’m making major progress in the book, but I’m changing my pen name.

The sad news first: No more B.J. Deming.

A little personal stuff

I chose the Deming name for a writing pseudonym because it was my birth name, before I was adopted.  Now, in the last fifteen years or so, my personal life has been very difficult; I haven’t let it show much in the blog, but to sum things up, I have learned that my birth family is stalking me…quite deniably.  It can be done, if you’re rich, influential, and crazy, I guess.

Anyway, I didn’t know their name was Deming.  I thought my mother was somebody else.  Then, in my legal work investigating this, I learned that her name was Deming. (By the way, if you have information about Marion Josephine Frazier Deming or her family as it relates to Barbara Beier or E. Beier, contact me at bjbeier1953 through Gmail.  Yes, I have to do it this way at first, in spite of Internet privacy issues – there is no privacy where these people are concerned.  FYI, be aware, that if it checks out later on with the legal/investigative team, you might or might not have to testify under oath at some point in the future.)

Anyway, as a writer, I can’t use the name of people I’m going to sue as a pseudonym.

The good news

So I have changed my pen name to Robin Huntingdon.  Yup, that has everything to do with my favorite Douglas Fairbanks movie.  When the eBook comes out, the first twenty-five people to guess what that movie is get a 50% discount.  Contact me with your guess at robinhuntingdon through Gmail.  Put “Doug” in the subject line.

Now the good news details, and it is good news even though I’m not going to make the April 2016 deadline.  While writing The First Cat, my focus expanded.  Basically, I learned so much stuff that I had to do an outline that spans geological time (possible because of my Earth science background and interests).  When I saw that outline, I realized that cat evolution was a saga, not just a dry history.   It needs to be told – no one has done so yet.  And I can.

So I’m writing it that way.  This takes more time, doubly so, in fact, since the evolution of cats is very difficult to study, but it is much more interesting.

I’ve written this thing several times, but today an excerpt from a close-to-final draft of the most important chapter is far enough along to publish at my new blog.

The part after “Feliforms and caniforms” is much more drafty, but I think the whole thing is worth putting up as one piece.  What do you think?

PS:  There aren’t going to be frequent posts there at first, just occasional updates on the book.  Writing The First Cat is one of the most difficult (though rewarding) things I’ve ever done.  There are times when I feel like escaping, and if I hadn’t unplugged from a steady Net connection, I would have done more escaping than writing.

Now I just write and write, and occasionally get online at the local public or university library (the University of Oregon and Oregon State have some tremendous resources regarding cat evolution).

A realistic goal is publication around the fall holidays, but I know better than to set a specific date.

Thank you for your interest!


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