Writing Update

There was a lovely window of opportunity in August to write about some volcanoes and schedule a few Sunday Morning Volcano posts, but after the one tomorrow there will probably be another hiatus. I’ve got the First Cat book written in draft form and have a lot of editing and other work to do on it. In addition, my personal life is busy right now, too. It was fun to explore those volcanoes, rather than fall back on guest videos all the time, so I’ll just wait until I can do another Sunday Morning Volcano after tomorrow’s. (Of course, if I stumble across some spectacular videos, like the one yesterday of that lava break-out at Kilauea on the 27th, of course I’ll share them!)

Too, while I’m absorbed in Volume 2 of Shelby Foote’s Civil War narrative, I’ll also try to get in a post on Reconstruction for September whenever possible – it might take a little while but I’ll get it done.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Categories: Random thoughts

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