Guest video: A Moment In…A Volcanic Eruption

This beautiful video (from front page, click on post title) is a good way to help spread the word that volcanologists at the Cabot Institute have released a free (open access) book on global volcanic risk that has the world of science buzzing.

h/t to Geól. Sergio Almazán

Chile is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it.

Calbuco gave no warning before its eruption on April 22, 2015, which fortunately did not physically injure or kill anyone. Volcanoes do the unexpected surprisingly often. No one expected Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines to erupt in such a huge way back in 1991, either. It was only coincidental that volcanologists got the data that allowed them to forecast the eruption just days and hours before that VEI 6 eruption.

So, yes, it’s good that there is a big push on to raise awareness about global volcanic hazard. Check out the linked report above!

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