Guest video: Cascades Volcanoes: When Sleeping Giants Awake

We’ve visited volcanoes in the Cascades here on other Sunday mornings. However, the region is rich with volcanic wonders (and hazards). Let’s watch this excellent 1997 documentary on Cascades volcanoes and their hazards that KSPS public TV in Spokane, Washington, has put online. The content is really thought-provoking, and the videography is excellent. And yes, everything is still relevant today.

They’re right about the attitudes of many people here toward the volcanoes. One day, here in Eugene, I was a reading a book about volcanoes and someone said, “Volcanoes? There’s no volcanoes around here.” She’s lived here all her life. “Three Sisters,” I replied. “Oh, well, yeah…” Then there’s Newberry near Bend (just across the mountains).” “Well, yeah…” She didn’t want to talk about volcanoes any more, though there are others in this general region, too.

These nearby active volcanoes (at least South Sister is active, and of course Newberry is) are filed by most everybody under “Scenery” or “Science Shows on TV” or “Media Hype.” Actually living with them, as we do, isn’t a reality to many, as it is to the people of Shimabara, Japan (as shown in the video). Cascades Volcanoes don’t erupt that often. And so the shock and stress will be worse when the day of an eruption does arrive. Sigh.


Front page image: Lynn Topinka (USGS)/USGS/Cascades Volcano Observatory

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