Old color photos

The image of flowers below isn’t from Eugene and I didn’t take it. These cornflowers were growing in a rye field along Russia’s Mariinskii Canal and river system in 1909, and the photo, by the Tsar’s photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, has not been retouched with modern tools.
Cornflowers and rye

Amazing, isn’t it! This story has more images, all beautiful, and explains how Prokudin-Gorskii did it. (I learned about it through an article at Cracked [note that there are also cuss words and profane humor at that link], and unfortunately I can’t find the article again to link to it.)

A few other photographers, including Albert Kahn, took color pictures before 1920, too.

We think we know all there is to know about the past, and yet it always has the capacity to surprise and delight us.

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