Guest Videos: Osorno and Calbuco Volcanoes

April 28, 2015, 4:28 p.m. Update on Calbuco from the Volcanic Degassing blog.


Original post:

A Chilean volcano certainly became an international celebrity this week. Gorgeous eruption, right at sunset; no known casualties. What more could you ask from Calbuco Volcano?


Well, you could ask for somebody with a movie camera to be right there when the mountain uncorks, and for that person to survive. Franco Valerio has us covered.


By the way, I probably would have been killed if I had been filming it like that, because I would have stayed there ogling the ash column. Mr. Valerio did exactly the right thing, clearing out as quickly as he could.

That area of Chile is so beautiful. There are other volcanoes nearby, including Osorno, a beautiful glacier-capped stratovolcano that’s known as the “Fuji of the Americas.” Here are some views from its top, taken by a group who climbed it in 2008:


Calbuco is to the southwest. Unfortunately my audio isn’t working today, so I don’t know if other volcanoes in the area are named in that video. I’ll try to learn about those for next Sunday.

More information:

Front page image by Aeveraal.

Calbuco Volcano:

Osorno Volcano:

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