Why A Duck?

Oh, you want the Marx Brothers routine? That’s here.

The Oregon Duck? That’s here.

How ’bout just a duck? The other evening I walked out of the downtown library in Eugene and saw what I thought was a tragic sight: two dead ducks. Then I realized they were just sleeping, and that blew my mind. I’m acclimating to Oregon and Eugene but still have some East Coast instincts. Even in upstate New York, we don’t get wildlife downtown (unless the river floods). A few Canada geese will touch down in park lakes and local marshes – that’s about it.

Wow! Eugene is so naturally good that ducks feel comfortable enough to snooze here. I got out the camera and made an admittedly very amateur video. One of the little guys woke up and came over, thinking I was a fast food joint. It settled back down when nothing but pleasant talk was forthcoming. They’re not totally wild, of course.


There’s a nice symbiosis between wildlife and people here in town. I haven’t been blogging about Eugene lately, even though it’s spring now, because I’m busy with many other things, particularly switching over to writing as a career. But I just had to share this wonder.

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