Why Don’t Kaiju Attack Indonesia?

It’s fun to read some of the things people search for here. One recent query got me wondering: “Why kaiju don’t attack Indonesia.”

It’s thought-provoking for a Pacific Rim fan. Why didn’t any of the 14 or 15 kaiju go for Indonesia? It has loads of fire mountains, it shakes a lot, and it’s got a deep trench.

Also it’s got Toba Volcano. The last time that went off, tens of thousands of years ago, ash and volcanic glass rained down as far as Eastern Africa.

Here’s what I think happened. Newton said the kaiju first came during what we thought of (mistakenly) as the age of the dinosaurs, but Earth wasn’t good for them. I think they tried again some 74,000 years ago and caught Toba right in the face. They steered clear of Indonesia after that.

The next time they came, Guillermo del Toro was there to catch everything on film and make it into a documentary.

A category 5 kaiju may be able to withstand one nuke, but not a supervolcano.

Or can it?

You’re welcome.

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