Guest Video: Thrihnukagigur – Into the Magma Chamber

With the added bonus of a visit to and spectacular footage of Eyjafjallajökul’s quiet but still steamy crater about a year after its 2010 eruptions.

Now be warned. This video, posted at YouTube by National Geographic in 2011, has an awful beginning. Well, it’s interesting, but it’s misleading. There is all this fast-cut editing which is essentially meaningless to the story. The word “overdue” is pronounced in tones of doom (there are good reasons why some geoscientists prefer not to use our old friend overdue).

The really good stuff starts about 6 minutes in. Enjoy the exploration of Thrihnukagigur‘s magma chamber. That’s really cool! Then be amazed by some absolutely incredible photography of Eyjafjallajökul, Katla, and Iceland’s surface. (There are a couple of ads to get by – sorry!)

Of note, Katla is not a supervolcano, though it can get feisty (they don’t say it is “super”, but they really make its eruptions sound humungous). Pinatubo’s 1991 eruption was stronger (VEI 6) than Katla’s strongest ones (VEI 5). Katla also didn’t erupt a year after Eyjaf, nor has it since.

That’s Grímsvötn volcano they show leaking water (those are jökulhlaups) at the end. It did erupt. This documentary must have been filmed before it went off in 2011.

Front page image by Dave Marcus.

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