Guest Videos: A Few Solar System Volcanoes

Still can’t get to the planetary supervolcanoes post, but did you know that there used to be at least one volcano on an asteroid? …or that:

There are young volcanoes on our Moon?


And even younger volcanoes on Venus?


And possibly explosive supervolcanoes (PDF) on Mars, in addition to all those big shield calderas and/or large igneous provinces (LIPs)?


Poor Mercury is out of order here, but this video about volcanism there has a more scientific presentation. I thought it would fit better down here.

It’s fascinating how they figured it out with Messenger’s help. However, if your eyes start to glaze, feel free to skip over this to the next video – a bonus feature about one of the Solar System’s great volcanic wonders!


Bonus Wonder

I’m not sure what the geology of Jupiter’s moon Io is, but its volcanism comes about in a different way from that on the inner rocky planets. For that reason, though it has some huge calderas, I won’t include Io in the general post about those on the inner planets.

It’s too interesting to ignore, though. Enjoy!


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