Blogging update

I’m on a writing assignment right now, as mentioned in an update to the earlier blogging update (it’s work for hire, so there is no URL to share). This is great! So is the surprise I got about how much storage is still available here – I won’t have to shut down Clear Sight. Yay!

There will be some posting delays, though.

Civil War and Sunday Morning Volcanoes

A Sunday Morning Volcano guest video is scheduled for this weekend, but the American Civil War post next week will be a few days late. I’m hoping this writing gig will be an ongoing thing, so expect the Civil War posts when you see them rather than routinely on Mondays. I will try to keep them weekly.

Bardarbunga and Sinabung volcanoes

The other regular updating I’ve been doing here is on the eruptions of Bardarbunga in Iceland and Sinabung in Indonesia. Those are ongoing, and the last time I checked, erupting at a steady rate. Look for updates there (see side bar) when things change, either slowing down or (one hopes not) increasing in intensity.

Flight To Wonder

Over at Flight To Wonder (see sidebar), the daily Monday-through-Friday posting schedule can’t be maintained right now. There will be fewer posts there, but they will be just as in-depth and clear.

Of note, I had to let that domain go, so if you have it bookmarked, please use the sidebar or go to .

Thank you very much for your interest and encouragement!

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