Clear Sight blog update

Update, 3:05 p.m.: Well! After the last note, I found that I had gotten a large writing assignment. Yay! It’s due next week, though, so I am going to hold off on resuming posts here and perhaps at Flight To Wonder as well until these three articles are done. Yippee!

Update, November 10, 10:53 a.m.: Wow! My premium upgrade, including more memory, expired on November 8. Unfortunately, things are rather tight now, which is why I put the tip jar up. To my amazement, WordPress is still working, although I’m over the memory limit here quite a bit. Well, then, will carry on. I am pulling in some writing gigs, though very slowly and most are low paying. Let’s see if we can eke this out.

You already have this week’s Civil War post, so if this holds up, I’ll carry on with that as usual now. I’ve got the Japan caldera series planned for Flight To Wonder, so the next two Sunday mornings, will probably just have guest videos here.

Thank you very much for your interest. I didn’t expect much with the tip jar, just based on my own reactions to tip jars at other blogs. Still…don’t you want to read a short story about generosity featuring General Grant and General Lee, set in 1864 (or 1865, if this crisis goes past the first of the year? If we reach that $99 goal, I promise to write one for you.


Original post:

Due to unavoidable circumstances, I’m going to have to take another temporary hiatus from this blog. I’m so sorry, but it can’t be avoided. I’ll release next week’s Civil War post today, and then it will just have to wait a bit. I will still be blogging at Flight to Wonder (see side bar), and will continue the Sunday Morning Volcano series on Japanese caldera volcanoes there, though they’ll be coming out on Fridays instead of Sundays. (Tomorrow’s post will be a cross-post from this past Sunday, and then the next two Fridays after that will continue the series.)

Look for updates on Twitter in the meantime, as I might possibly set up on another host, though I’ll try not to.

Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement. I’ll be back here with the Civil War ASAP.

PS: Regarding the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, if you’re the person who was looking for more information on Booth and Herold’s horses, Kauffman (source 27 – American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies) covers it in depth, though the information is kind of scattered through the book, which is confusing. It’s quite possible, though I haven’t included it, that Booth did pick up the one-eyed horse, the one that Herold used as a getaway after attacking Seward, during his (Booth’s) visit to the Queens over the weekend of November 11-13. The spirited mare that Booth used for his getaway (and which, rather than the actor’s jump to the stage after the shooting, Kauffman thinks was responsible for Booth’s broken leg) was rented…and then stolen by Booth. Amazingly, the stable owner actually pursued Booth out of town the night of the shooting because of the horse (he didn’t know he was chasing the president’s assassin), but Booth escaped.

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