Some pre-dawn shots of Eugene (the Whitaker)

The Pacific was gently falling over Eugene a couple of mornings this week just before dawn, while I was out on a walk, and it seemed like a good time to try out the Canon PowerShot in the dark. It’s really not very good at distance shots, but its amazing ability to capture hues works fine in close-ups, even in darkened conditions.

It is extremely sensitive to hand shake – this ruined a lot of my shots, especially when using the telephoto feature. However, it worked quite well, unintentionally, on a couple of close-ups.

I fiddled with GIMP’s artistic filters on a couple of the shots of lights and reflections on wet streets that didn’t otherwise come out notably well.

Of note, I neither endorse nor condemn any of the businesses, artwork, or political content of these images. Bright signs in a dark background make natural photographic objects, and all the others were very interesting experiments in light, shadow, and color. It’s just your basic pre-dawn slice of modern America in a rather funky corner of the Pacific Northwest – long may it thrive!

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