Guest video: Volcano Survival Tips

Here’s a quiet, understated volcano safety video from World Nomads:

While focusing on Indonesian volcanoes, the tips here are sound as far as they go. As we saw recently at Japan’s Mount Ontake, volcanoes can also have sudden steam explosions or phreatic (water-driven) eruptions. This is why you should take along a hard hat or bicycle helmet – something to protect your head – even if the volcano isn’t on alert. Blunt trauma is one of the top two killers at volcanoes (the other is ash inhalation, so bring some disposable masks, too); protect your head. Think about flame-retardant clothing, too – I’ve been focused on that since reading Stanley Williams’s Surviving Galeras.

And then go, if authorities say it’s okay. Don’t let fear keep you from experiencing one of Earth’s greatest wonders (and penguins, too, if you like).

Front page image: Rinjani in 1994, by Oliver Spalt

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