Guest Videos: Volcanic Hazards in New Zealand

There’s a time crunch and I hope you won’t mind a couple of guest videos this week from GNS Science. They are nice backgrounders.

The first video mentions the other two stratovolcanoes, or cone volcanoes, in New Zealand’s Taupo Volcanic Zone besides White Island – Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. We’ll definitely look at those more closely next week.

Auckland, we’ve already seen on a Sunday morning last November.

However, this video also mentions the country’s “Big Guns”: Taupo and Rotorua megacalderas, or supervolcanoes, which are also part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone and will be covered the week after we check out Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe.


It’s not a coincidence that the Taupo Volcano Zone sits on (and offshore of) New Zealand’s North Island. It’s a rift zone brought on by interactions between the region’s two major tectonic plates. GNS Science also has a video that explains this quite neatly. It is focused on earthquakes but shows very well how the North Island’s volcanic zone fits into the bigger picture

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