Writing Update

Some good news!

Knowledge Nuts published my short “Diamonds Are Mostly Forever” nugget at the end of last week. Whee!

Their parent website, Listverse, has just scheduled a longer article of mine called “10 Misconceptions About the Modern Earth.” It’s not up yet, but when it goes live (hopefully later this week) I will add the link to that new sidebar section called “B. J. Deming’s Been Recently Published on the Web.”

Just so you know, after trying and not liking copy writing, and after Yahoo Voices went down, I have spent the summer honing my nonfiction writing skills at Flight to Wonder. When ready, I worked on submissions. These two posts were my first. The “10 Misconceptions” post has actually been bouncing around since May, in one form or another. I cannot praise the Listverse people too highly – they are great to work with.

Listverse did turn down another submission about the 10 worst firestorms in the last hundred years, but I will use that for a Friday “hazards” post at Flight To Wonder.

They have given me an account in their writer’s forum, which streamlines the pitching process.



Flight to Wonder, of course, will claim most of my attention – its daily hit count is climbing. I also intend to keep pitching to Listverse, and in a week or two, will consider (and probably be quite intimidated by and yet will ultimately pitch to) feature markets.

I wouldn’t be at this point, moving along in a writing career, without your interest and support through recent years. You have encouraged and inspired me. Thank you very much.

These vines cover a restaurant wall

Yes, I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but this is also foreshadowing – there is another Eugene nature photo post scheduled for tomorrow!

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