A Note on the Future of the Weekly Civil War Anniversary Timeline

First, big thanks to everybody for your ongoing interest in these weekly timelines.

Now, I just noticed that the Blue and Gray Trail Civil War Timeline goes on through the end of 1869.

I had planned to stop either after CS General Joe Johnston laid down his arms in ’65 or with the executions of the Lincoln assassins and conspirators. Reconstruction just seemed too big and too vague.

Well, the B&G Trail people are Georgians. They know more about this than I do. And I think it’s fitting to carry on through 1869 – our modern nation was forged in the fires of war, but it was quenched during those initial postwar years…too often, unfortunately, in blood on both sides of the Mississippi River.

I am going to follow the Georgians’ lead and aim to complete this in the last week of December 2019.

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