The Eifel Volcanic Field

The field has two sides. The West Eifel field has many maars – low-relief craters left over from the explosion that happened when molten rock near the surface encountered ground water. In fact, I just learned that the Eifel field is the type locality for maars.

There are also cinder cones and small stratovolcanoes in the West Eifel volcanic field.

The East Eifel volcanic field has about 100 volcanoes, including a 5-mile-wide caldera – the Laacher See – which is the youngest volcano in the entire field. The Laacher See had a Pinatubo-sized eruption some 13,000 years ago.

I don’t speak German, but this YouTube video has some nice views of the lake that fills the Laacher See caldera now, as well as the carbon dioxide that bubbles up from degassing magma far underground. (According to this Google translation of an Eifel Plume Project website, there is a plume of molten material rising up under the Eifel Volcanic Field.)

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