Hey! Hey! Hey!

It’s a bluebird day in the Pacific Northwest!

I’ve heard of this phenomenon – a brilliant, blue sky that brings out all the blue tones in most plants; emphasizes the blue in flowers, clothes, etc.; and, oddly enough, brings out the yellow-green in some foliage. I suppose it’s caused by atmospheric conditions that are unusually good at scattering blue light. I’ve never seen it with my own two eyes until today – wow!

Here in Eugene the air is somewhat stagnant and so the full effect isn’t present, but it is still stunning. Up in the mountains, it must be preternatural – suspended between the mundane and the miraculous.

I took a few pictures on my walk to the library just now. All I did was adjust the contrast up and the brightness down (because my Canon PowerShot is good for closeups but not distance stuff, at least not at my skill level). I did not tinker with the color settings whatsoever. These didn’t come out with absolutely true duplication of the “bluebird” phenomenon, but they are close.

And just count yourself lucky that the bus wasn’t the one advertising colonoscopies. Yes, I’m not sure where people set the boundaries when it comes to advertising here. (g)

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Also, isn’t Eugene beautiful?


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