Do you know these Eugene people?

People scaled image

I was walking to the downtown library this morning, down West 10th, and these people seemed to be lingering around at the point where I turn onto 10th. They were loud and rather unpleasant, but I will emphasize that they didn’t actually threaten me. It just seemed that they were trying to ruin my walk. I’ll get to the reason I think that a bit further down.

There’s no point in being paranoid without excuse, so I just stopped to see if they would continue on, as generally rude people who aren’t at all interested in you will do. They went about a half block and then stopped. What happened next was delicious. The guy in the white shirt that you see in the picture came walking past me – I had stopped under a tree on the sidewalk opposite them and he had been walking behind me, though I didn’t know it until he went by.

He actually went over and joined them as I was getting ready to take their picture. That image came out blurry, but here it is.


People 2 scaled image
That, of course, made it no coincidence at all. I couldn’t hear what he told them, but that guy he was speaking to said very loudly something like “Oh, goody!” as though he was a bully and it was a big joke.

At no time did they physically threaten me, speak directly to me, or try to attack me. That’s a big relief, of course, but it’s also very weird, because why else would they be messing with me?

At this point you need to know a bit more about my background. I never mention it here because this is a fun blog; too, it sounds crazy and I’m waiting until I’m in a position to use the FOIA and Privacy Act to start looking for solid evidence on which to launch a big civil rights lawsuit, and probably a criminal one, too.

I will simply say for now that in that terrible fall of 2001, I “saw something and said something” where I was living in Northport, Alabama. Shortly after that, some really nasty harassment started and for the next nine years or so I thought it was from those very bad people I had complained about. Then – and by this time I was in Cohoes, New York – I realized it was actually the people I had “said something” to – the law/feds/spooks/whatever (actually, I had said it to Inspector Crowder of the Northport Police Department, but there were big burly white guys in there with him who were not from around there – you could tell just by looking at them, though no one introduced us).

That realization – I believe it was in 2010 – was heartbreaking, and they all came out of the woodwork, so to speak, as it seemed that my spirit had been broken – that’s what they seemed to want. I don’t know if it’s about entrapment or manipulation or what; in any event, I wasn’t truly broken, just hurt. They stood around on the porch of that old big house on Saratoga Street, congratulating themselves, and I went out to the store. Yeah, I wasn’t under arrest – nothing was said to me. I just needed some fresh air and on that short walk to and back I got mad. Nobody was around when I came back, and I had nothing solid to fight, since nothing had been said, so I just resisted the harassment, and though I suffered for it, and still do, I continue that resistance today…by merely living freely and openly as we all have a right to do.

You might be wondering why all this is going on. I certainly am. I haven’t broken any laws. It’s really quite puzzling but no one will come forward to give me a chance to ask three questions: who are you, what authority are you operating under, and what do you want with me.

You know, the things every American citizen, whether law-abiding like me or as crooked as they come, has a right to ask the authorities when they come knocking.

There’s no point in going into more detail – it all is quite deniable and I’d sound crazy. To heal the inner hurts, I’ve got Buddhism and have moved forward along that path. At the moment, there is a nice saying from the Dhammapada, chapter 17, verse 223, as my wallpaper:

Overcome the angry by non-anger; overcome the wicked by goodness; overcome the miser by generosity; overcome the liar by truth.

It may take longer than I’ve got in this lifetime before people stop being afraid and start making a fuss again – these things go in cycles in American history – so it’s not like the Sixties, where you can holler “civil rights” and people will boldly join you. Today, they’ll ignore you, pretty much, but I expect things will heat up socially again around mid-century. It’s also worth mentioning in passing, perhaps, the journalism axiom that corruption is usually only mentioned in the past tense.

In the meantime, I can move forward now and am currently waiting for a chance to go after the paper trail via FOIA and the Privacy Act. It will take time and a heckuva lot more money than I’ve got just now, but it will be the best way to get started on uncovering undeniable proof and incriminating facts.

Anyway, I strongly suspect those people this morning, the ones in the above images (and you can see full-size images here and here), were trying to stress me out on my morning walk (10th street is a beautiful place, with many lovely houses and trees, and I love the walk – can’t get stressed out there).

They were also really wet behind the ears, obviously – no pro would let themselves get photographed by a “subject” (Archie Goodwin calls people who are being tailed that, and it’s as good a word as any). They’re expendable, in other words, or in training. Nonetheless, I’ll take any solid evidence I can get, and I just want to know, for future reference, who those four people are. It would be icing on the cake to be able to link them to some agency, but I suppose they could also just turn around and deny the circumstances. I have no witnesses for that. Still, it’s something for when this reaches court (and it will eventually).

Do you know any of them? If so, let me know at bjstips at gmail dot com. I may or may not respond, but I thank you in advance for whatever information you can give me.

You might also want to check out the ACLU site. It’s okay not to be afraid in America. That motto, however, is true: Freedom can’t protect itself. I might add that the Constitution only guarantees our rights – we still have to use them 24/7/365, or we will lose them. Don’t be afraid. Use ’em and then celebrate something meaningful this July Fourth.

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