Lincoln Assassination Newsline Given Go-Ahead

(Library of Congress)

(Library of Congress)

Today the people behind Newslines said they liked the trial newsline I did on the assassination. It’s based mostly on Michael Kauffman’s American Brutus. While Kauffman has dug up enough information to approach the thing from several directions for a timeline, I’m going to use a reality-crime-show angle. It’s quite an action story. The tricky part will be to get in enough information about all the people involved without dragging it down.

First I have to finish two articles I’m working on, one about home offices for Yahoo! (they’ve published two articles so far and a third is submitted) and one for Listverse (am sticking to tornadoes on this one).

I should get to the Booth/Lincoln timeline later in the week, first part of next week.

PS: Am also updating the Campi Flegrei to include news that the supervolcano underneath western Naples may be coupled with Vesuvius over to the east of the city after all. All that’s available online of the study without paying or subscribing is the headline.

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