Writing update

I’ve been keeping busy this week, though not at the blog too much.


Yahoo published my “Four Things to Remember in a Tornado Warning” (disclosure: I get paid a little bit if you click that link). I wrote it right after completing their SEO course and felt it was a little by-the-book, but it’s getting a fair number of views, more than others I did way back when, before taking the course.

I have another one submitted, the first of a series based on my medical transcription experience.

They have me a little worried, though. I thought there would be optional assignments made available after the first over-the-transom article was submitted, but along the lines of the topics I had shown interest in via articles and in my profile. Instead, I got such assignments about my favorite recipes. Won’t yell “no quarter” and raise the feminist banner yet – actually, I never would – but will wait and see what comes in after more business articles are submitted.

Edit: Yahoo! just published my “What is an Independent Contractor.” Yay! (Disclosure: If you click on my Yahoo! article links like that one, I get paid a wee bit.) Next up to be submitted: a HIPAA article.

The Needle in Yellowstone with an unidentified man.  (National Park Service)

The Needle in Yellowstone with an unidentified man. (National Park Service)


As mentioned earlier, I’m also doing timelines for Newslines.org (disclosure: I don’t get paid directly if you visit there, or the following newslines, but it’s a boost for my client). They’re not on the front page just, but I did the Yellowstone, Mount St. Helens, Korean ferry disaster and Boko Haram timelines (am working on the last one now).

I’m also trying to work out a way to fit the Lincoln assassination in there in a way that’s clear, thorough and yet also interesting to a modern general viewer.

(Images:  Wheel by Esteban.barahona; soldiers by US Marine Corps; both via Wikipedia)

(Images: Dhamma Wheel by Esteban.barahona; soldiers by US Marine Corps; both via Wikipedia)


Before developing these nonfiction venues (and I’m looking for more), I had been revising my story about the soldier and the monk. You’ll see it way down at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. It needs a lot more work, and I was getting through it pretty well, making some deep cuts and other work. This was just to keep busy and to also put in some of the things I was learning about Buddhism. At the moment that’s on the shelf, so to speak, but I hope to get it done and cleaned up to enter in a contest this summer.

(Of note: I used an image of US Marines to the right, but the soldier in my story is actually a US Army LRRP.)

T-t-that’s all, folks! Thank you all so much for your interest.

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