Cool volcano-related images

We’re stepping outside the Cascades today because there have been some impressive images coming in on Twitter lately that are well worth sharing.

Santiaguito Volcano in Guatemala


Here are links to general information and news. Also, remember this video? It sounds from ongoing tweets like Santiaguito is still erupting forcefully at present, with a V-shaped fracture in the cone and lahars coming down some river drainages.

Heckla, in Iceland

We’ve already visited Hekla here at the blog, but this is a beautiful image. The text ties in, too.

Caught in pyroclastic flow

This unfortunate little Triassic guy is the reason I put “related” in the title. It was unlucky enough to get flash-fried by a pyroclastic flow – I don’t know where. The other Tiny URL leads to a Scientific American article on “Death by Volcanic Fire.”

Mystery Volcano

Hint: The second language in the tweet is a strong clue. Here’s the answer.

Ambrym/Marum Volcano in Vanuatu

Here’s a freebie – just a little YouTube video Geoff Mackley posted of his visit to a volcano. You have probably seen part of it already, but here’s the whole thing. (There’s some cussing, including a couple of uses of the F-bomb.)

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