The Civil War Timeline Helped Me Land Some Work

It’s difficult to get started in anything. I am trying to get some income via writing but have no established reputation, resume or clips. Today’s there’s some sunshine gleaming through the clouds.




I saw this ad for Newslines on the Blogging Pro Job Board and figured I’d apply based on the Civil War timeline.

They really liked it and encouraged me to get started. Yesterday I made two timeline posts on Mount St. Helens – my very first ones.

I want to pass along word about here, not because I get paid for referring people to it (I don’t and wouldn’t have anything to do with a scheme like that), but rather because I know some of you are weather enthusiasts, Newslines seems to me to have an open niche in terms of natural disasters, and hurricane season will soon be upon us. Please think about it. You won’t get rich at Newslines, but it’s a good way to pick up some spending money for writing about something you love.

Four Civil War soldiers, two Confederates and two Federals.  (Library of Congress, Liljenquist Family Collection)

Four Civil War soldiers, two Confederates and two Federals. (Library of Congress, Liljenquist Family Collection)

Civil War update

This post also gives me another chance to thank all you Civil War fans for your patience. I miss doing the weekly posts, but I have to get a new “day job” before having enough spare time and Net access to do all that weekly research. I’m sending out resumes as well as boosting my Yahoo Contributor submissions (I submitted one on tornadoes but have decided to switch over to business in order to put my 25-year experience as a medical transcriptionist to some immediate use – can’t transcribe just now because of difficulty getting HIPAA-required security together in the same place as a reliable Internet connection).

There’s a good thing about being so far behind weekly events this year. When I do get started again – and I will – everything will be out of sync, so I might as well also get caught up on 1861/2011 at the same time. If you have been following this from the start, you’ll remember that I started in the middle of 2011. Then it took some time for weekly timeline posts to develop.

When this timeline does start up again, I’ll aim for two posts a week – one from 1864 and one from 1861. They’ll have to be separated by several days each week, though. I could never handle the dichotomy of “beginning” and “ending” of such a major, emotion-provoking event otherwise.

Thank you all for your ongoing interest. And again, check out Newslines and see what you can contribute. The more, the merrier!

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  1. Congratulations….now….if I could only find some work too!
    I used to have a full-time job as a desktop publisher in Northern VA, but things have changed!
    And “used to have” is not quite the same as having. 😉
    I have more time to take photos and take pictures though, which is nice.

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