Well, things have been very hectic over the past week. I especially miss not doing the Civil War and volcano posts each week, but will be back with those as soon as possible.

The day job has changed. I’m looking for employment now as Windows 8.1 (the upgrade was mandated after Microsoft ended XP support) doesn’t work well with the transcription platform we were using. Writing income would be nice, but I can’t expect anything steady from that as I’m not established (see tag line, above).

When not sending in resumes, I’m getting articles ready for freelance writing submission – am working on a 10-point article for Listverse as well as a reworking my Cracked article on supervolcanoes (all me this time, not rewritten by comedy writers) for another content site. Will post links if and when either or both of those are accepted.

Eugene is more beautiful than I ever could have expected. The cool maritime air reminds me of England (I went there in the spring back in 1973 on a vacation), but the flowering trees and plants are very Southern. And you should see the trees! I thought I’d seen tall trees in the South. The conifers here are in a completely different, gigantic, league. No pictures yet, because of the general busyness, but I will get to that as soon as possible, perhaps this coming weekend.

In the meantime, here is a raw video of the Columbia River basalts from the train (Spokane to Portland route of the Empire Builder). It’s just a “gee whiz!” I took on March 31st upon seeing those vast flows. What an outpouring of lava that must have been – Wikipedia says that one of those flows may have been laid down in a week or so! (More authoritative information.)

There were very stout-looking black Angus feeding at various points along the route.


Because of the train’s motion, most of the images I took from the train were in movie form. This was to avoid blurred images – figured I could go back in later and select clear shots. Thus far, there hasn’t been time, but I think there was a good one of the Gorge and Mount Hood here in Oregon, and hopefully also at various points on the way out.

I’m very glad I moved to Oregon.

As always, thanks for your interest, as well as for hanging in here at Clear Sight during this hiatus.

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