A hiatus

I was going to upload the raw video of a section of our train trip through the Columbia River Flood Basalts that was taken in Washington State, somewhere between Pasco and Portland, but the Internet connection is problematical and I just can’t upload it completely.

These connection problems also make it too difficult for me to continue the “day job” of medical transcription. There is other stuff going on, too, that’s personal and has been ongoing for a long time now.

Fortunately, I’m now in a somewhat better position (I hope) to do something about the personal stuff. However, it will take time. Too, I will soon no longer will have steady income, so I’m going to take a break from steady blogging and devote myself to offline business.

New blog posts will be coming, but haphazardly until I can get better situated, and the weekly Civil War posts will have to wait until I can get a reliable high-speed Net connection again to do the online research in my source list.


I’m so tempted to put a donate button up but this blog is not about making money, so I won’t.

Thank you for your interest and hang in there – I’ll be back!


Categories: Random thoughts

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