“The Huorn” (2006)

Stumbled across this on Vimeo. They did a nightmarishly good job here – wish it were longer, but this wonderful short was done by individuals not a big company.

So, what is a Huorn?

Treebeard won’t say much about them, but I think they are Ents that have become almost like trees, at least to look at. They stand here and there in the wood or under its eaves, silent, watching endlessly over the trees; but deep in the darkest dales there are hundreds and hundreds of them, I believe.

There is a great power in them, and they seem able to wrap themselves in shadow: it is difficult to see them moving. But they do. They can move very quickly, if they are angry. You stand still looking at the weather, maybe, or listening to the rustling of the wind, and then suddenly you find that you are in the middle of a wood with great groping trees all around you. They still have voices, and can speak with Ents – that is why they are called Huorns, Treebeard says – but they have become queer and wild. Dangerous. I should be terrified of meeting them, if there were no true Ents around to look after them.

— J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Book Three, Chapter 9



Technically, Huorns brought a shadow with them, not textiles, but I’m assuming the purple color means this clothing is symbolic of shadow.

Simon Mesnard, the film’s maker (whose native language is French), describes this as “A short film made with my brother and my cousin (2006) Made in parrallel [sic] of our studies, after taking some photos in forest. Original video from 2006 has been upscaled. The Huorns, imagined by Tolkien, are Ents that almost went back to the wild (to the state of trees), for the appearance at least.”

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