Meanwhile, on Tanna Island, Vanuatu….

…someone flew a drone over the crater of an active volcano!

Gases roar out of fumaroles. Hunks of basalt the size of small cars litter the landscape, vestiges of earlier eruptions. I always sense that, despite the barren surroundings, I am perched on a conduit to the most basic energy of the universe, a pipeline to the beginnings of the planet.

— Stanley Williams, volcanologist


(h/t Erik Klemetti’s tweet)
Nerd notes:

  • This is Yasur volcano.
  • I think that’s strombolian activity. Per the Smithsonian, it also sometimes can be vulcanian, but that would be more violent than what we’re watching, it seems to me (but I’m not a scientist and even had to look up how to spell Vanuatu).
  • White “smoke” is water vapor and other gases. Blue “smoke” is often seen during eruptions. It’s really blue, because it’s got sulfur in it (sulfur dioxide, I think). More information on volcanic gases.

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