Have you ever been so hungry…

…you did this?

That was posted by the BBC themselves, who know how awesome it is. They posted more information about that 2012 show along with the short video.

Actually, I doubt this happens very often. Those guys are very gutsy, but they undoubtedly have backup. There’s the camera operator of course, but there must be support personnel there, too, and likely rangers or wardens with guns.

All in all, the human crowd behind the camera is probably not large enough to spook the pride but large enough to give the lions pause when a part detaches itself from the main crowd and starts approaching.

That one lioness comes back out pretty quick afterward, and she is mad but in control, almost like she’s counting the odds. (Just casually noting that it’s one of the ladies who comes out after the meal stealers while BigRoar McFloppyMane hides behind the bushes like a little cub … ahem.)

Luckily for those three guys and anyone else in the neighborhood, she decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

I love how she drags the carcass further into the bushes, probably cat-cursing every step of the way.

Poor kittehs – hey, now let’s watch big cats (and some smaller ones) getting catnip-loaded gifts.

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