Schedule note for the rest of the month

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Image by Kiran Kulkarni.

As mentioned in the movie note today, the work situation is stressful right now. On top of that, I will be moving west in a major life change, the last week of March/first week of April, and then will have to get settled after that.

I’ve got time to write just now, but my mind is elsewhere, so I’m going to lighten up a bit for the next few weeks.

Please forgive me!

Aside from next Thursday’s post on Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, and of course the Monday Civil War posts, expect things to be shorter and with more links for the next 3-4 weeks or so.

I will try to keep to the daily themes – Monday, American Civil War; Tuesday, J. R. R. Tolkien; Wednesday, anything goes; Thursday, Lit or Fiction; Friday, cats; Saturday, silent films; and Sunday, volcanoes – but it may just be videos, excerpts of other works, Storify’s, etc.

My plan is to schedule a bunch of posts ahead of time so that there will still be something new for you here while I’m on the road. (I had thought about doing a daily blog, but that’s just basically vacation photos, unless something happens like Yellowstone erupting [extremely UNlikely] while I’m passing by – in which case, yes, you will most definitely hear about it here.)

All that said, I am having a ball writing, and it is most encouraging to see my daily views rising as I write more. This is exactly what I hoped would happen with this blog. Thank you very much for your interest!

It’s too bad there is going to be a little interruption, but life is like that.

I’m looking forward to really diving back into writing in a big way at some point in April after I’ve got me a new base.

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