Edvard Grieg: Incidental Music for “Peer Gynt”

If you liked the 1812 Overture, you’re also going to like this collection of 10 tunes from the play Peer Gynt.

Just look at that man up there – you know he wrote interesting stuff.

Two of these songs – “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and “Morning Mood” – you’ll probably recognize immediately. However, you’ll be surprised to find echoes of John Williams’ Star Wars music, as well.

Yes, I am specifically talking about the start of #4, “Norwegian Dances,” but there’s much more – it jumps right out at you here and there throughout.

Of course the movies turned to Norwegian Edward Grieg for soundtrack ideas. He wrote music that still unleashes the imagination every time you hear it.

Someone at MNC describes it better than I ever could:

He painted with notes. He painted the people, the scenery, and the moods of Norway. In the immortal Peer Gynt Suites, Grieg captured the rising of the sun, the lamenting of a death, and, in “The Hall of the Mountain King,” the imagery of a chase scene. His works contained what are yet today readily recognizable “tunes.” As Grieg and his wife, Nina, strolled through the streets of Bergen, children would follow after, whistling these tunes, in tribute to the great composer. In the centuries ahead, surely the works of Grieg will continue to be whistled and hummed, and played by orchestras worldwide.

You know what? I really don’t care for choral music – oh, at the end of Beethoven’s Ninth it’s okay (especially when presented like this) – but that’s about as far as I went until now.

Don’t worry. There isn’t much – Grieg had a good ear and used it just like you and I would season our food, to add a little zing to the music now and then.

So now I’m good with choral music in Beethoven’s Ninth and Grieg’s music for Peer Gynt.

Anyway, enjoy the movie that is going to start playing in your head as soon as Edvard Grieg’s music starts!

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