Quick note on audio posts and today’s schedule

That audio post was fun!

They promised flying cars in the future, but today’s ability to phone in a blog post is an acceptable substitute. It did give me pause, though.

I’m a transcriptionist, and if voice recognition has advanced to the point that WordPress can use it to write a blog post…well, I’d better retire right now.

As it turns out, though, they just record the audio. Yay! Job security for a few more years yet.

OK. I’ve got a freshly updated computer and lots of time -now for the Sunday Morning Volcano…this one:

Brrr! The eerie silence of that gets me – even the wildlife know something’s wrong.

Am working on that now, after reblogging one in the Lights in the Dark blog that features a remarkable image of a fresh impact crater on Mars – NASA says the blue color is because there isn’t any dust there to redden it, but Mars rocks aren’t blue…?

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