“Tarzan of the Apes” (1918) and “Remembering Edgar Rice Burroughs”

Things got a little bit hectic and I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but it’s impressive that reviewers all say it follows the books more than any other Tarzan movie.

I didn’t know they had done a Tarzan film in the silent era.

It’s appropriate this week because in his youth Ray Bradbury was a big fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs – a surprisingly influential and very interesting man:

Per The John Carter Files, who posted that trailer:

This video clip was produced by Michael D. Sellers and Mark Linthicum for the John Carter Files (www.thejohncarterfiles.com) and Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc and was first presented at the Tarzan-John Carter Centennial Celebration on August 18, 2012. It is part of a longer documentary-in-progress entitled “The Life and Mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs”.

I look forward to watching that documentary.

Now let’s check out Tarzan of the Apes. Per IMDb, it made a million dollars…in 1918! However, it was put out by the National Film Company of America, not Burroughs’ company.

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