Coursera update

Well, I just unenrolled from the Coursera Introduction to Chemistry course I was so excited about – not because it was too hard, but because it took too much time.

I wasn’t aware that it was set up differently from the Dino 101 course that fit well into the schedule. “Introduction to Chemistry” has multiple videos that require about as much time to watch and study as a regular college chemistry course would take. If I wasn’t full-time employed as well as trying to establish a second writing career right now, it probably would be fun, although I think I’d rather pay for a college course and get access to hands-on lab experience along with that investment of time.

Well, I’ve certainly learned that Coursera (and probably other MOOCs) offers a wide variety of experiences.

It’s a little frustrating, though, because I was wondering…

Why does this happen?


This? (That’s Plosky Tolbachik volcano, by the way)

Or this?

Chemistry doesn’t explain all of it, of course, but it contributes much to all that, and I don’t understand anything about it.


They’ll offer the course another time, or perhaps this experience will spur me to sign up for a college intro course with lab at a point in my life where there is more time.

That’s the thing about learning – you only move forward when you attempt it, even if it seemingly comes to nothing over the short term.

Note: The image of a bismuth crystal on the front page is by Mike Beauregard.

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