“In the Forest of Tom Bombadil,” A Video


Long ago, I had a sudden realization of what the character Tom Bombadil in The Lord of the Rings actually was. I tried to put it into words and utterly failed. Others have done better, but the mystery of Bombadil remains.

However, today I came across the video below. It apparently was made by people who have journeyed to a Faerie similar to the one J. R. R. Tolkien himself frequented.

Yes, it differs greatly from the canon. Normally that drives me nuts (I’ve never been able to watch the Jackson movies, for example), but this little film is different. It leaves much to the viewer’s imagination and yet captures some facets of the mystery that is Bombadil. Most importantly, it’s great fun to watch.

It also closes with the biggest question of all: Why did the Ring have no power over him?

Wisely, they do not provide an answer.

Here is In the Forest of Tom Bombadil. Enjoy! (There are also delightful outtakes at the end.)

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  1. I’d like to thank you for your kind write up on my Tom Bombadil film. Of course, my adaptation takes it’s own textual liberties, however, I truly tried to capture the mystery behind Tom Bombadil. It is such a delight to read reviews such as yours, I am glad you enjoyed “In the Forest of Tom Bombadil.”

    • You’re very welcome, Hannah. I really enjoyed it a lot. I did wonder how you were going to do the House of Bombadil. It was excellent! I suspect the only way it can be done in film – it lets everybody see the house for themselves, and the darkness lurking in the background.

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