Update From A Writer Getting Started

As mentioned earlier in the week, am serving up daily videos because I’m doing a review of math that’s needed for a Coursera introductory chemistry course.

The only daily writing I’m doing right now are updates on the Sinabung eruption.

I found a couple of potentially very useful websites: Wolfram Demonstrations (CDF is awesome!) and a West Texas A&M Math Help for Chemistry page.

Also I’ve managed to get over the initial negative conditioning I had built up in the 80s toward chemistry, but to explain that I have to briefly talk about writing.

Go with the flow

This year is turning out so differently from what I had planned. I was going to get into SEO via Yahoo’s Contributor Network and the little online course they offer. It’s very helpful for someone with no background.

Image:  Vramak

Image: Rama V

And yet I’ve been around writing (if not a real player) long enough to know that when something clicks, you go with it.

Right now that’s this daily writing at the blog. I love it and hopefully am writing informative posts that pique your interest in whatever the day’s topic is, too.

The fiction was unexpected, but that’s also cooking on a back burner, too. Later in the year….

In short, blogging right now is clicking.

Maybe it’s not earning me any money, but it’s certainly teaching me many things and is also great experience, so I’m going with that. Yahoo SEO is in a holding pattern just now.

What good is chemistry?

As for the chemistry, I’ve been channeling the enthusiasm for individual topics that blogging has developed in me onto the topic of chemistry, washing away all that negative conditioning.

It helps, and so does Hank Green!

Coming up this week

  • So things are going along swimmingly in the background here during “Video Week,” and tomorrow there will be many morphing cats.
  • Saturday, much swash will be buckled, and we’ll see the most difficult stunt Douglas Fairbanks ever did in a movie.
  • Sunday, we’re going on a trip to the beautiful Aegean Sea to visit Santorini Caldera.
  • Come Monday, it will be American Civil War time again, and we’ll get back into more writing (but probably also a sprinkling of videos here and there).

Hope you enjoy it – thanks so much for your interest!

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