Lots of Videos This Week

You might have noticed that I tend to post videos when things are hectic – of course it’s because writing must always be done as well as possible, and that does take time.

The videos keep Tolkien Tuesdays, Friday’s Casual Cats, Saturday Silents and occasionally Sunday Morning Volcano on track.

Not the Civil War, though; that’s special and always done weekly, or I’ll give you the reason why.

Anyway, there will be more videos than usual this week because I just started Coursera’s Introduction to Chemistry online course today and it’s going to take a little remedial math work on the side. (Resist the temptation to call it Duke’s MOOC…resist the temptation to call it Duke’s MOOC…resist….)

By the way, they also started another round of Dino 101, which I loved and highly recommend, if you’re interested. It’s probably not too late to enroll and it’s free.

After this week, the math review for Duke’s MOOC should be complete – or at least easily accessible – and I can then resume a fuller writing schedule.

Gah!  (Image by shonk)

GAH! (Image by shonk)

Why do we fall, Master Wayne?

I’m taking an introduction to chemistry, first and foremost, because I like to write about popular science. It’s an amazing topic that interests a lot of people. We are all affected daily by science, too. That is worth exploring in more detail.

My medical transcription work keeps me grounded in at least some parts of biology; physics I have always loved (but could probably use some refresher courses in); and math takes a special kind of writer (not this geosciences-oriented one…yet, anyway).

However, chemistry has always been a tough love/hate kind of thing for me.

I probably would have gotten my undergraduate geology bachelor’s in the 1980s if I had been able to handle mineralogy and geochemistry, but I couldn’t, not even with tutoring from possibly the most patient grad student ever (¡Gracias, Mauricio, donde quiera que esté hoy!)

So there’s most definitely that second reason also – wanting to get back on the horse after falling off, in a manner of speaking.

I think this introductory chemistry MOOC is doable, but it will take some remedial work, as mentioned. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the various videos this week, particularly on Wednesday (hint: CANNON!). Thursday’s Lit/Fiction will be a little challenging, but I’ll come up with something.

And as always, thank you for your interest.

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