How Many Kaiju Were In “Pacific Rim”?

Edit, January 6, 2014, 2:13 p.m. Eastern: Just watched it again (those 131 minutes go so quickly!) and found either FOURTEEN or FIFTEEN Kaiju. Note there are spoilers galore below – you have been warned.

This WordPress blogger post helped a lot! They name 13, five of whom are in the prologue:

  1. Trespasser a/k/a Axehead – Prologue. First kaiju to appear; trashes San Francisco at start. Its roar is heard at the very last frame, with the film’s dedication (the same roar as heard in the prologue when the jet fighter crashes into its claw).
  2. Karloff – Prologue. I never would have seen this one if not for the linked post. It’s the one terrorizing the diners in a quick shot.
  3. Hardship – Prologue. I think I saw this one very quickly, going by the protrusion on the lower jaw the blogger described for it.
  4. Reckoner – Prologue – quick shot of its skeleton lying amid the ruins of Hong Kong before they rebuilt the city after its attack. This region is now the Bone Slums of Hong Kong where Newt meets Hannibal Chau.
  5. Knifehead – Prologue. This is the one that kills Raleigh’s brother and trashes Gipsy Danger. Its clones are also seen when Newt drifts with the kaiju brain sample, so apparently some of its brain survived the explosion that ended that fight in Alaska. Nobody tell Raleigh that!
  6. Mutavore a/k/a Bladehead a/k/a the Sydney Kaiju. Self-explanatory.
  7. Onibaba – Tokyo. This is the one that killed Mako’s family and chased her.
  8. Leatherback – Hong Kong Harbor in the double attack. This one moves a little like a gorilla on land and has the face like the Cloverfield monster and an EMP weapon. Also, interestingly, the symbol on the card that Pentecost gives Newt appears to be its face!
  9. Otachi – Hong Kong Harbor in the double attack. This is the one that moves like the Cloverfield monster on land, has that epic fight with Gipsy Danger, and also flies. Its special weapon is acid.
  10. Otachi’s baby.
  11. Raiju – Breach defender. Crocodile-like.
  12. Scunner – Breach defender. Bull-like. Fights as a rammer.
  13. Deep Terror Five a/k/a Slattern (lame name) – That’s my name for it because “slattern” is ridiculous for a category 5/boss kaiju. Sexist, too.

There is also Yamarashi, tattooed on Newt’s left arm. We don’t see it in action, but it’s given a description and background. It was “one of the biggest Category 3’s ever” and weighed 2500 tons, per Newt; Raleigh says that he and his brother fought it in 2017. That’s a fairly full description, so I’m counting it. So are a lot of other people, apparently. (Canon? There is “Pacific Rim” canon?)


But there’s also a kaiju partially shown as a tattoo on Newt’s right arm (the one he’s pointing at Yamarashi with here):

It’s not named or described in the movie, so I’m not counting it, but if you want to, that’s FIFTEEN.

Hi! Together, we're the main human character in Pacific Rim.  Cool, huh?  See bottom of page for our mechanical equivalents onscreen.

Hi! Together, we’re the main character in “Pacific Rim.” Cool, huh? See bottom of page for Otachi and our mechanical equivalents onscreen.

Someone was asking about this.

EIGHT, if you go by this awesome page.  There are nice illustrations here. (The Category 5’s name is very lame, though. I will call it Deep Terror 5.)

Leatherback’s face and Otachi’s walk remind me of the Cloverfield monster.  (There are a lot of references to other works in Pacific Rim.)

Also, Otachi’s tail club appears based on a real dinosaur’s tail – scientists figured out that an adult ankylosaur could deliver a bone-crushing blow.

Back to fiction…NINE, according to these people, who please me because they have included, for no reason at all, a picture of Jet Jaguar and Godzilla (my favorite MST3K movie).

I think it comes down to whether you count the one that chased little Mako in the flashback.

Then again, neither of the above sites mentions the baby, so maybe it’s 9 or 10.

Welp, guess I’ll just have to watch it again and try to keep count, now that I know their names. Will add a follow-up note below tomorrow or Monday.

In the meantime, here, once again, are Newton’s balls:

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  1. My infographic for Pacifc Rim. It has a lot of Kaiju (seen and unseen in the movie) Hope you like it ❤

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