Why They’re Called Snow Leopards

snow leopard

Here’s another National Geographic video. I love the pictures of this felid in the wild all the more because, many moons ago, on a trip to the Bronx Zoo, I saw many caged snow leopards. The zoo had just gotten a lot of them, apparently, and they were justifiably proud of it, but it made me sad. The enclosures hadn’t been built yet, and the beautiful caged animals were so unhappy.

I have a love-hate affair with zoos. They’re vital in saving endangered species, and yet they are prisons for wild things.

There was a Kodiak bear not too far away – huge animal! It just stood there and slowly rocked back and forth all the time we were there. It wasn’t in apparent pain. It was just chafing at its invisible bonds and very real captivity, so it seemed to me.

But it’s Friday and we’re talking about relatives of the house cat, not the dog. Let’s go hunting for wild snow leopards!

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