A Long Way From Mississippi

Cold bus stop

A kind stranger snapped this for me at a bus stop today around midday. My face is red because the temperature is just above zero – at noon! – and I forgot to bring my scarf.

There was also a stiff northwesterly wind and, as you can see, snow. We had about 4-5 inches at that point and are supposed to get up to another 8 inches tonight.

I didn’t realize just how low the temperature was until I got back home. There is a wooden porch stair to climb, and the exposed steps were frozen – they were extremely stiff and sounded funny when I walked on them. Not ice or snow covering them. The wood itself was frozen.


We’ll have over a foot of snow, but the really bad news is the cold and the wind. This evening the current temperature is -1 degree F, and with the northerly wind, the wind chill is -21. It’s downhill from here, too.

This is insane.

This is a dry snow – the sort of powder you expect in the Rockies. That wind is blowing it everywhere tonight, I’m sure. The roads are deserted – even snow plows are few and far between.

By the way, NYSDOT has a snow plow cam – it’s an MMS link, and I don’t have a mobile phone so I can’t watch it. Hope it’s good.

At least there’s no ice and the power lines are good around here. We should be all right in terms of lights and heat.

State of Emergency

They’re getting hit harder to the south of us, where some of the metropolitan areas are under a blizzard warning because of higher winds.

We’ve got a winter storm warning here.

Here’s today’s detailed press release from the governor.


This video uploaded by Robert Dorch (I don’t know him – found it through a search) when they were stationed overseas in 2008 sure warms my heart tonight, though the end scenes of what looks like it might have been the Super Tuesday tornado outbreak in 2008 is saddening. I guess blizzards aren’t very bad when you think about that.

Everywhere people have trouble with the weather, but that just brings us all together deep inside. Hope you’re feeling warm tonight – I sure am.

Roll on, Mississippi…

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