Last Whodunit of the Year

All y’all know who said this? (That’s clue #1, for this isn’t an easy one – while the screen made him famous, he didn’t become a literary superstar like Arthur Conan Doyle or Ian Fleming.)

In the Delta, this is the way it is with almost all boys and Memphis. I can go to New York, to London, to Paris – but none of these places will be more moving to me than Memphis. Memphis is the capital of the Delta. It’s the place we’ve dreamed about and talked about all our lives, and we never quite recover from it.

Image:  TinkerBrad

Image: TinkerBrad

Here’s clue #2, and it will be a giveaway for some: this writer, unfortunately, passed on several years ago, and his grave is next to the Forrest family plot – that’s the family of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

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