“Way Down East” (1920)

""For the scene in which Anna faints on the ice floe, I thought of a piece of business and suggested it to Mr. Griffith, who agreed it was a fine idea. (I was always having bright ideas and suffering for them.) I suggested that my hand and my hair trail in the water as I lay on the floe that was drifting toward the falls. Mr. Griffith was delighted with the effect. "

Lillian Gish in Way Down East.

I looked up this film because we’re under a winter storm warning here in upstate New York, and D. W. Griffith actually waited for a blizzard to film some of the outdoor scenes. Also, Lillian Gish was on a real ice floe, in take after take… .

Actors are lucky to have CGI today when a director orders up some realism.

On looking more closely, this is also a very powerful melodrama. Enjoy!

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