Tolkien Tuesdays

I have loved the works of J. R. R. Tolkien ever since the day I first checked The Hobbit out of the school library many years ago.

It’s difficult to express this enthusiasm socially, as Tolkien’s writing has often been overshadowed by cultural phenomena (“Frodo lives,” etc), or more recently, by the Jackson movies, which only prove the truth of what JRRT said in “On Fairy-Stories”:

Drama is naturally hostile to Fantasy…Fantastic forms are not to be counterfeited…Drama has, of its very nature, already attempted a kind of bogus, or shall I say at least substitute, magic: the visible and audible presentation of imaginary men in a story. That is in itself an attempt to counterfeit the magician’s wand. To introduce, even with mechanical success, into this quasimagical secondary world a further fantasy or magic is to demand, as it were, an inner or tertiary world. It is a world too much….

Tolkien believed that fantasy makes one’s perception of the real world even better, and this is indeed something every fan of his knows very well.

Now that the Internet has come along, bringing with it many wondrous insights on our natural world, I’d like to share that heightened view of reality as seen through Tolkien’s words, starting today.

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  1. There are few authors in history, at least from my reading, who were able to provide rich characters along with beautiful storytelling in the way Tolkien did. Magnificent man.

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